The Timelessness of Futility

A poetic reflection jotted down in my yellowing writing notebook this cold night.

Extremes take turns on the see-saw.
Often wrong and never mixed.
The pendulum swings,
And in between is apathy.
As the most well-grounded
Muddle through mediocrity.
The tides come in.
The tides go out.
And the shore stands still
Against the storm.
God bides time
While men play games.
The pendulum swings,
Marking time
While the world spins.
Is the end determined,
Or do the determined decide the end?
Time and tide,
Space and soul.
All will be told.

Some more photos

Adirondack reflections while pausing to catch my breath on a two mile vertical climb.

Adirondack reflections while pausing to catch my breath on a two mile vertical climb.

a little green on a fall hike

a little green on a fall hike

Misty morning on Cranberry Lake, New York

Misty morning on Cranberry Lake, New York


Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario

Me at Lake Ontario

Me at Lake Ontario

Enjoy the moments

Driving to work today, I saw a man leaning against a wood rail fence with one foot propped up on the middle rail.  Nothing notable, right?  Well, the temp with wind chill was in the mid 20’s F.  That didn’t seem to be bothering him.  He was looking over a grassy area that drops down below the street.  It would have been covered in snow, though I couldn’t see it from my vantage point in my swiftly moving vehicle carrying me to that place I go to make money in order to get by.

Maybe he was watching kids or a dog romping around, but even so, he seemed to be enjoying the moment.  His stance was completely relaxed and while he was wearing a winter coat, he wasn’t especially bundled up.  You can get pretty used to the cold, once you stop thinking of it as a negative.  It makes you appreciate the spring and summer more, after all.

It was an unexpected scene of tranquility in an inconspicuous bit of roadside real estate.  I must confess, I didn’t slow down, since I was a little later than I like to be, and my manager likes me to be.  I wasn’t late, mind you, but not as early as expected.  Such is the rush of modern life.

I did take a mental picture though, which I’m looking at now in the small hours of the night.  I see afternoon rays through the trees, lighting the scene just brightly enough, not glaring, but radiant.  I feel the calm of the stranger by the road, and I’m glad I saw him.

Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the moment.

Obligatory year end review

Yes, everyone does it, but why not?  A year in review:

My first full year as an assistant store manager at Family Dollar.

I stepped down as president of Allentown Film Crew, a community filmmaking group.   I held the group together and got a project filmed two years ago with little support, and set up some workshops and guest speakers for meetings over the last year, but didn’t have the energy or the gumption to follow through on ideas I had.   Stability turned to stagnation.  I decided to let someone else take the reins and take a supporting role for myself.  My friend and original member, Trisha Thompson took those proverbial reins.  I may have created a monster.  wink,wink, nudge, nudge

I started this blog.

I attended my 25th class reunion.  Still can’t believe I’m that old.

First full year of having adopted cat Smokey, to whom Wiley has been amazingly receptive after being the sole cat of the house for ten years.

I lost another 15 pounds, added to the 25 lost in the previous two years.

Things I’ve learned:

Even people who are friendly with you at a retail store will steal right under your nose.

Coworkers will talk smack about you to no end.  Everyone’s a critic – of everything you do.  I bury the judgments and criticisms I feel toward others and then resent the overt negative talk from others, because I don’t have the gumption to dish it out.  And then get over it.

When assertiveness doesn’t come naturally, it’s a life long effort to keep doing it.  If you’re not assertive, people will walk all over you, leave you out in the cold, and have a lower opinion of you.

Anxiety, paranoia and resentment are inhibitive of personal growth.

Man was not made to live in a vacuum.  I need to find a partner in 2015.

It’s a struggle to keep seeing the positive in humanity, but it’s worth the effort to keep trying.

Putting your foot down about something can cause friction, but will be for the better in the long run.

I’ll probably add more later.

In the meantime, have a prosperous year as you pursue long time interests and dreams.  You’ll find some kind of satisfaction and fulfillment, no matter what the final outcome.